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Insertado el 2016-02-14 00:52:18
Usuario annimo
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Insertado el 2016-02-13 19:19:37
Usuario annimo
I look forward to the day when <a href=\"http://rwwmltjnr.com\">polepe</a> recognise that a communication is not a communication until it has been received and understood. In the days before email we didn\'t think we\'d communicated at the moment the letter went into the postbox but today too many folk think the communication is complete when they hit the send button. This reflects a shift in attitude such that these days <a href=\"http://rwwmltjnr.com\">polepe</a> often lay the burden on the recipient and, hence, your sense of guilt. It\'s wrong and if the email charter helps then I\'m up for it. But I\'m not so sure about your auto responder. I\'d love to see an experiment done across a variety of organisations with <a href=\"http://rwwmltjnr.com\">polepe</a> at all levels in which they follow your suggestion. My guess is that in most cases the <a href=\"http://rwwmltjnr.com\">polepe</a> who are able to do this with the lowest amount of anxiety will be the more senior <a href=\"http://rwwmltjnr.com\">polepe</a> in the organisation.
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Insertado el 2016-02-12 09:18:39
Usuario annimo
With the success of the dog park under their belts I would now cheanllge the dog club to expand their influence to include the R.R. yard which is and continues to be a defacto dog park with no rules and no accoutability. How about an educational campaign, or some signage to encourage dog owners to pick up after their dogs and keep them leashed or at least under voice control when around other people? There are alot of walkers, runners, cyclists and others that use or cross that land who I think would appreciate a higher level of consideration. Also, it is WAY not cool to let dogs go running through the yards of the residents of the adjacent Hillside neighborhood where there are other pets,chickens and burros. I have also witnessed dogs trying to run down doe deer and fawns up on the trails around Tenderfoot Mtn. These are not huge problems now but need to be addressed before they get worse.
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