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Insertado el 2016-02-14 00:54:15
Usuario annimo
I just wrote about a 5,000 word paragraph exinlpaing why they should remake Dark Legacy, when I realized I don\'t want some 7-10 year olds playing one of my favorite games on my time (late 90 s early 00 s) So I entirely agree that there should be no remake, so kids who don\'t actually respect old games don\'t get to enjoy them. [url=]kmzbnkvxht[/url] [link=]qedrtfspez[/link]
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Insertado el 2016-02-13 19:22:01
Usuario annimo
The biggest <a href=\"\">prloebm</a> with Gauntlet is that all the grind-happiness just doesn\'t lend itself to old school multiplayer. They are much more fun with a four man party, but Gauntlet demands you be in the mood to invest serious time into playing it, which your friends might not be up for when they drop by to hang out. Multiplayer games back then had to be a more casual experience. If Midway made a new Gauntlet today however, online multiplayer would make party building a snap! It would be glorious!
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Insertado el 2016-02-12 13:10:40
Usuario annimo
Yes this may be true but some people seem to cry more about older gphraics than just want it remade for an eaier find. This is why the Wii get\'s som much hate because the gphraics are not in HD format. They actually call the Wii a last gen console instead of what it is a current gen console. Really stupid and moronic if you ask me. The Wii is current gen rather anyone likes it or not, but because the gphraics are not HD the Whine. Just the same with this game just to have HD gphraics dumb.
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