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Insertado el 2016-03-02 18:29:46
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Insertado el 2016-03-02 13:09:27
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by - 137 Points - Hell yeah, roll on Monster Hunter and Xenoblade 2 on WiiU =P you guys should still pick up Monster Hunter Tri, still has the<a href=\"http://ucsyjudwewq.com\"> onlnie</a> :)
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Insertado el 2016-02-18 21:36:07
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by - 137 Points - Can\'t wait for Killzone Mercenary, from the screens we\'ve seen when it was aennuocnd and the promising news that just came out it should be exactly the shooter that Vita was meant to have from the get go.
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  • Ni no Kuni II: El Renacer de un Reino
  • Ni no Kuni II: El Renacer de un Reino
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